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Monday, September 21, 2015

Mako Fishing Funament!

We got a chance to participate in a tournament over the past weekend sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.  Given our home port in Islamorada at World Wide Sportsman and our relationship with Bass Pro, this was a good opportunity to compete against some great anglers! Catching bait was a challenge for everyone and with the mahi being scattered, it seemed the blackfin were a popular target! Our boat continued to lead the pack, holding our own with tuna on deck but the surprise came when a sailfish hit our feathers that were meant for a different target! Prior to seeing the sail dance, there were many different opinions as to what took our lure but we’ve been here before…knowing the difference of how a specific fish fights may save you from making epic error during a tournament! To learn more about this and other fishing topics, go to and to book your next fishing charter in the Florida keys, call 239-877-7875

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