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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Surprise us

While talking to some customers prior to their charter, I learned that these four college students who were on spring break had never fished before...but they were enthusiastic and ready to learn. During this conversation, I wanted to make an effort to ascertain their expectations so I could better structure our time together. Then they said the magic words, "you're the boss, surprise us!" It was like music to my ears, complete creative control on the à la cart of Pelagics! I couldn't have asked for a better day to work with, the best weather and most beautiful seas that I have seen in a dogs age…
We had an action-packed day and I did everything that I could possibly do to set the bar high for any future fishing experience that these guys may have! It would be easier to tell you about the species we didn't catch... From mahi and blackfin tuna offshore to deep dropping for scorpion fish, snowy grouper, tile fish and porgy...and then crushing a huge reef donkey sized amber jack for closure on the electric reels...we finished off the day with fishing on the reef for some snapper, these guys were exposed to a great time and I hope we were able to create a great memory for them!
Captain Kevin Hennings
Angler's Answer Sport Fishing
World Wide Sportsman
Islamorada, Florida Keys


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