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Monday, April 18, 2016

Is it Spring yet?

Sometimes I feel like we have been jockeying from left to right only to dodge the next "cold" front that this winter has brought us! This past week, we were able to find a small window to get out into the offshore bliss with some great customers!
In offshore fishing, if the captain is passionate about what he/she does, they typically take the time to find a niche' and/or educate themselves in a specific area that will set them apart from other charter captains. Having this area of specialty usually brings options to the table when weather or seasonal migration runs interference with the game plan that you thought was going to be put into play!
This past week, that concept came into play when the weather window began to close and the plan to shoot offshore had already been launched... With a slight side step, we were able to get off shore after flexing the time window a bit. Once offshore, we spent some time deep dropping and mustered up some golden tiles and black-bellied rose that time, the sun had passed over and the day began to calm and that only means one thing....ITS TUNA TIME!!! With the weather cooperating for the first time in as far as I can remember, we scooted over to a different depth and were able to slay some tuna that later served up as dock-side sushi for everyone!!!
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