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Monday, April 25, 2016

Seasonal changes ahead

In the interest of providing an accurate fishing report, I wanted to pass the information about what's going on in our paradise...For the past few weeks, the mahi bite has riddled the waters along the east coast of Florida as well as the lower Florida keys. Frustration sets in when you know the bite is "on" everywhere but your hometown fishing grounds! Recently, in the past few days, the mahi have officially shown up in islamorada...but not the typical schooling swarms, instead, small pods of bigger bulls and cows that seem to have been running somewhat independent of each other.
With that said, sometimes, I get excited during the change of season and all I can think about is catching a specific species upon its new arrival to the area. As a captain, it's easy to forget that it's not up to me and the customer is the boss when on the "Selfish!"
For this particular trip, I met my customer who introduced himself as Bill from Vermont. He knew me by reputation but that didn't stop him from vetting me in a thorough interview prior to booking his trip. He was a smart man to do so and I'd encourage anyone who's looking for a charter to do their homework! Bill was focused on one thing and one thing only...TUNA! Despite the recent mahi migration, he indicated that blackfin tuna was his target so after catching 7 1/2 blackfin tunas, the entire party was smiling! If you're wondering what that 1/2 of a fish was, welp we had a bit of a shark attack when reeling in the last tuna...haha!
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