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Thursday, June 9, 2016

In a typical year, Anglers Answer Sport Fishing makes an effort to get over to the Bahamas and fish an area that brings a wonderful bounty of fish for customers who rarely have the opportunity to experience such a thing...

While in the Bahamas, passing through customs and paying a nominal fee to obtain a permit for fishing, you are able to fish in Bahamian waters for 90 days on that permit… But rarely does one stay for that length of time! A benefit to this length is one that is seldomly used, however, we like to take full advantage while running charter fishing trips out of Islamorada, Florida. Once we are permitted for Bahamian waters, we try to take as many charter trips as possible to Cay Sal, a Bahamian Territory! Despite being a distant journey from the greater Bahamas and even Bimini, Cay Sal has some of the best fishing around! Whether the extreme drop offs in depth or the shallow reef fishing, Cay Sal will not disappoint! This uninhabited island holds some of the best wahoo fishing and the best part of the trip is usually before you even arrive to the area. Depths of over 3100 feet leaves plenty of fish to catch between Islamorada and the foreign land but if you make the run, be sure to have your paperwork and vessel documents in order as the Bahamian government could be a bit sensitive to those details!

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