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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuna in Duck Key

The dolphin/mahi continue to be somewhat elusive as the month of June settles in...but a good charter captain is smart enough to identify the benefit of chasing the species that isn't biting- or at least running deep and hiding- or putting meat on the deck and satisfying customers! Coming up with a game plan is just as crucial as your knowledge of fishing and usually the two go hand-in-hand!
On this day, the plan was to target the tuna bite and while enroute, look for some signs of dolphin presence...As anticipated, no birds, no weeds, no debris, no dolphin! But we don't let that affect our day...making lemon-aide out of lemons, I found the tuna, putting my customers on the fish! The delivery of a 25 tuna fish bounty keeps the customers coming back for more! Not a bad plan, as it turns out...
If you leave the dock without a plan and randomly make feeble attempts to mirror what you see in the fishing shows, expect results that will be disappointing! Any charter captain worth a repeat visit will make an effort to educate and teach his customers how to become self sufficient, it doesn't hurt your business, they'll still come back if you take the time to teach Anglers Answer Sport Fishing, you should always be ready to learn how to catch fish and make the memories that will last a lifetime!


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