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Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Report

Sorry for delay in posting but mixing in a holiday season with catching monsters proved to be a bit hectic!

Over the past couple weeks, we have covered fishing grounds from back country tarpon and King fishing in Florida Bay, all the way to wahoo fishing in Cay Sal! This crazy range of fishing only came after our Suzuki sponsorship outfitted us with 2016 twin 300hp 4 strokes and an added yeti 420 to keep our catch chilled for the cookin'!

Sometimes to read lengthy articles about multiple fishing trips could get boring...but I assure you, the month of December has been anything but! As an informational note, right now is a bit windy and a little rough on the chop but that is the toll to the gateway of some of the best fishing of the year! In one full day trip; a sailfish, mahi, wahoo, blackfin tuna, king mackerel and yellow tail snapper were landed on the "Selfish"...that, in comparison to the recent Cay Sal trip, falls short! If you are ever able to fish Cay Sal, I have one piece of advice: Do it!

In 2500' of water, the mahi have shoulders. High speed trolling for wahoo is beneficial at every depth, running from 70' to 1700' and the bigger the drop, the faster the troll! As if that wasn't exciting enough, there's always a deep drop reel waiting to be deployed...some of the best deep dropping in the world is in these waters and you can't leave without setting up for a few drops to put meat on the deck, if there's any room left!

Anglers Answer Sport Fishing is excited for the new year and look forward to spreading crazy fun to all of our customers...For you next adventure on the reel, contact us to make your next fishing memory!

Captain Kevin Hennings
Anglers Answer

Sport Fishing

World Wide Sportsman

Islamorada, Florida Keys

Friday, October 9, 2015


With the season and fishery in Islamorada changing rapidly, there are some things to remember if you're going to be expecting a good catch in the Florida Keys… every fish in the water has a tail and just because you're familiar with the pelagic, that doesn't mean that particular species will limit itself to where you normally find it! 

This past week, fishing has been affected by a series of anomalies. To that extent, in one charter trip, I've caught tuna in 700' of water and decent 'lifter' dolphin in as shallow as 50' of water, just adjacent to yellow tail! While "live chumming," you can expect just about anything...

Besides the season or the time of year, there are other factors to take in to consideration... How much and what kind of bait is available and is being used, also whether live, dead or artificial bait, as well as, water temperatures and locations that are being fished. These are a few details that you will want to pay attention to if you expect to be cleaning fish at the end of the day!

For a detailed education, having a successful and great time bending the rod, book your next charter with Anglers Answer Sport Fishing!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Mako Fishing Funament!

We got a chance to participate in a tournament over the past weekend sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.  Given our home port in Islamorada at World Wide Sportsman and our relationship with Bass Pro, this was a good opportunity to compete against some great anglers! Catching bait was a challenge for everyone and with the mahi being scattered, it seemed the blackfin were a popular target! Our boat continued to lead the pack, holding our own with tuna on deck but the surprise came when a sailfish hit our feathers that were meant for a different target! Prior to seeing the sail dance, there were many different opinions as to what took our lure but we’ve been here before…knowing the difference of how a specific fish fights may save you from making epic error during a tournament! To learn more about this and other fishing topics, go to and to book your next fishing charter in the Florida keys, call 239-877-7875

Thursday, September 10, 2015

When season splits, we catch fish!

We have come to the time of the year where we are "in between" seasons and offshore fishing becomes challenging. Chasing the elusive dolphin that are beginning to migrate and waiting patiently for other pelagics, such as king mackerel and sailfish, to make their way to our coastline becomes a tedious waiting game! The frustration of the aforementioned, coupled with battling daily thunderstorms, is discouraging to most charter boat captains. These times call for creative thinking and a skill set that requires specific equipment. If you're not a captain that possesses either these traits or equipment, mastering the deep drop is impossible!

At Anglers Answer Sport Fishing, we have catapulted our customers into a menu that very few have ordered from. Boating such white meat as yellow eye snapper, golden tile fish, grouper and the monster barrel fish has filled our fish box more times than we can count- even in this gap of season that skunk most boats! Our state of the art electric reels bring our customers into the modern age of technology where there is less "fishing" and more "catching!"

Give us a call and let Anglers Answer Sport Fishing broaden your horizon with putting meat on the deck from the finest of menus!

Friday, September 4, 2015

What type of fish are you seeking?

Fishing in water 600 feet and deeper isn’t the same as dropping bait over the side on a shallow reef in search of common snapper or grouper. That’s a relatively easy task, but when you’re seeking fish that live in total darkness and frigid temperatures a quarter-mile or more beneath the surface, you need to be prepared.

Deep dropping for tilefish and grouper is becoming more and more popular by the day. Faster boats with longer range have now made fish like snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, longtail sea bass, barrel fish, tilefish and others easier targets. The problem is, recently the government has placed parameters and restrictions on certain species of fish that are harvested in the deep drop venue. Such fish like Blueline Tilefish and Snowy Grouper have been closed until the turn of the year. This may not seem like a huge issue, you may think its easier to just fish for something different...but you can’t pick and choose what eats your bait when it’s a half mile deep! The problem arises when the fish surfaces. More often than not, the fish blows up due to the sudden pressure change and then if not vented properly (and sometimes even when vented properly) the fish dies. I know that it is imperative that our fishing industry preserves the sustainability of these fish but it sure is a bummer to have to throw a dead fish back into the water!

There are various deep drop techniques that will help you find these fish in 400–1,300 feet of water. At Angers Answer Sport Fishing, we use the finest equipment and tackle that is sure to put meat on the deck! For more information on future charters, contact us at or just call Captain Kevin at 239-877-7875

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back Country

Somedays you just have to do a little Back Country fishing!!! 

Another Great Day!

Anglers Answer Sportfishing has been stubbing our toes on all the mahi that have been running lately! We have been trying to get to deeper water in search of the big bull but continue to run across heavy lifters and random gaffers in about 650’ prior to the depths beyond! We aren’t one to turn our nose up at good meat so we stand fast and slay ‘em until the gettin’ is gone! You
can be weighing your dinner if you call us to book your next charter!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Expanded Horizons

Anglers Answer Sportfishing expanded horizons by the special request of a valued repeat customer during the past weekend. A bucket list trip to Bimini was a tall order and we delivered!!! Although a completely different fishery than what we are used to, the fundamentals are the same…a billfish bonanza resulted in a fight with a sailfish lasting over an hour, a white marlin who fought to the leader and the “Man in The Blue Suit” waiving good bye as he eluded the catch and release! An exciting day in foreign waters brought smiles to our valued customers…those smiles could be yours!