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Thursday, January 30, 2020


Sooo... It has been a while since I have posted a report, for that I apologize! There has been significant progress in our business, with a new boat that has finally been completely “Dialed In” for our fishing needs - and at the same time - keeping a steady schedule of charters, slaying the fish and putting smiles on customer’s faces who work all year long to make wonderful memories with us!  The added features on our beautiful fishing machine helps us continue to bring the newest technology to our customers while they benefit in the form of epic fishing!

Finding our place in the year 2020, we begin the year with a run of phenomenal fishing, as the sailfishing is on point and the seasonal conditions push most of the fishery from “offshore” to “nearshore” - which makes for a speedy commute to the fishing grounds! While the bait moves with the wind, we often find the targeted species running shallow to feed and returning to the depths thereafter. The blackfin tuna, wahoo and kingfish have been running along the edge of the reef and found to be abnormally larger than we usually find them.  On the flipside, the bottom fishing has been producing some gigantic snapper, grouper and other scalywags!

My intention is to make certain I keep a steady flow of information that relates to the fishery and our recent findings in Islamorada. However, as many of you know, sometimes “life” gets in the way of sitting down and blogging... With that said, daily on-goings don’t prevent me from answering the phone or speaking to someone at the dock. I have made a tremendous effort to ensure that anyone who is interested can get in touch with me. I may not answer the phone immediately if I am offshore or out of range but I will ALWAYS immediately return a text, email or voicemail before the end of my day! In short, I AM ACCESSIBLE TO YOU and without YOU, there would be no Selfish Charter Fishing - and for that, I thank each and every one of my current and future customers!!!