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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuna in Duck Key

The dolphin/mahi continue to be somewhat elusive as the month of June settles in...but a good charter captain is smart enough to identify the benefit of chasing the species that isn't biting- or at least running deep and hiding- or putting meat on the deck and satisfying customers! Coming up with a game plan is just as crucial as your knowledge of fishing and usually the two go hand-in-hand!
On this day, the plan was to target the tuna bite and while enroute, look for some signs of dolphin presence...As anticipated, no birds, no weeds, no debris, no dolphin! But we don't let that affect our day...making lemon-aide out of lemons, I found the tuna, putting my customers on the fish! The delivery of a 25 tuna fish bounty keeps the customers coming back for more! Not a bad plan, as it turns out...
If you leave the dock without a plan and randomly make feeble attempts to mirror what you see in the fishing shows, expect results that will be disappointing! Any charter captain worth a repeat visit will make an effort to educate and teach his customers how to become self sufficient, it doesn't hurt your business, they'll still come back if you take the time to teach Anglers Answer Sport Fishing, you should always be ready to learn how to catch fish and make the memories that will last a lifetime!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

In a typical year, Anglers Answer Sport Fishing makes an effort to get over to the Bahamas and fish an area that brings a wonderful bounty of fish for customers who rarely have the opportunity to experience such a thing...

While in the Bahamas, passing through customs and paying a nominal fee to obtain a permit for fishing, you are able to fish in Bahamian waters for 90 days on that permit… But rarely does one stay for that length of time! A benefit to this length is one that is seldomly used, however, we like to take full advantage while running charter fishing trips out of Islamorada, Florida. Once we are permitted for Bahamian waters, we try to take as many charter trips as possible to Cay Sal, a Bahamian Territory! Despite being a distant journey from the greater Bahamas and even Bimini, Cay Sal has some of the best fishing around! Whether the extreme drop offs in depth or the shallow reef fishing, Cay Sal will not disappoint! This uninhabited island holds some of the best wahoo fishing and the best part of the trip is usually before you even arrive to the area. Depths of over 3100 feet leaves plenty of fish to catch between Islamorada and the foreign land but if you make the run, be sure to have your paperwork and vessel documents in order as the Bahamian government could be a bit sensitive to those details!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

June 2016 Fishing Report

There is nothing like matrimonial bliss… Living in the moment, gazing into someone else's eyes and feeling complete. However, last week a couple to be married showed up for a charter with an emptiness in their life! As they express their love for each other, they admitted something was missing… THEY NEEDED SOME FISH!!!😜 With limited time to play, we shot out to a couple honey holes and were able to limit out on the yellowtail in record time! With a lessening hollowness within, we pushed forward and slapped several trigger fish in the ice, topping the day off with a nice mackerel! These two newlyweds to be were given a day to remember by Anglers Answer Sport Fishing!
World Wide Sportsman
Islamorada, Florida Keys



Friday, June 3, 2016

May 2016 Fishing Report

Hello everyone and welcome back to Anglers Answer Sport Fishing report for Islamorada, Florida. As we waved goodbye to the cold fronts of winter, we look forward to some tropical depression activities in the semi-distant future... Perhaps, it could be said that this week and next week will be the "calm before the storm!" That's a nice change, we are having perfect weather for some great family fun, our surrounding memorial day weekend.
There seems to be no shortage of bait, both in the back country and on the patches. Whether ballyhoo, cigar minnows or pilchards, the bait is there if you are looking! The clarity is insane and depths of up to 40' can be seen from the surface...the crystal green water is creeping out to the edge of the reef, making easy work of catching your limit on yellowtail, grouper and other tasty table fare!
I try not to waste a lot of time with chasing slim chances and right now, the mahi would probably fall into that category. Working birds only seem to be showing blackfin surface activity and the mahi seem to be staying deep or scattered or both! With that said, every day has been different and I'd like to think the dolphin are starting to move in! In the mean time, there is no shortage of fish on the wrecks and reef... If you're looking to push out further, blackfin tuna are going nuts and are often overtaken by the tough fighting Almaco Jack!
If you have trouble finding the fish, call us for assistance, we'd love to hear from you!
Tight Lines...
Islamorada, Florida Keys