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Friday, October 9, 2015


With the season and fishery in Islamorada changing rapidly, there are some things to remember if you're going to be expecting a good catch in the Florida Keys… every fish in the water has a tail and just because you're familiar with the pelagic, that doesn't mean that particular species will limit itself to where you normally find it! 

This past week, fishing has been affected by a series of anomalies. To that extent, in one charter trip, I've caught tuna in 700' of water and decent 'lifter' dolphin in as shallow as 50' of water, just adjacent to yellow tail! While "live chumming," you can expect just about anything...

Besides the season or the time of year, there are other factors to take in to consideration... How much and what kind of bait is available and is being used, also whether live, dead or artificial bait, as well as, water temperatures and locations that are being fished. These are a few details that you will want to pay attention to if you expect to be cleaning fish at the end of the day!

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