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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back Country

Somedays you just have to do a little Back Country fishing!!! 

Another Great Day!

Anglers Answer Sportfishing has been stubbing our toes on all the mahi that have been running lately! We have been trying to get to deeper water in search of the big bull but continue to run across heavy lifters and random gaffers in about 650’ prior to the depths beyond! We aren’t one to turn our nose up at good meat so we stand fast and slay ‘em until the gettin’ is gone! You
can be weighing your dinner if you call us to book your next charter!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Expanded Horizons

Anglers Answer Sportfishing expanded horizons by the special request of a valued repeat customer during the past weekend. A bucket list trip to Bimini was a tall order and we delivered!!! Although a completely different fishery than what we are used to, the fundamentals are the same…a billfish bonanza resulted in a fight with a sailfish lasting over an hour, a white marlin who fought to the leader and the “Man in The Blue Suit” waiving good bye as he eluded the catch and release! An exciting day in foreign waters brought smiles to our valued customers…those smiles could be yours!